It isn’t often that a sportsbook also provides a betting exchange. It’s common practice that bookmakers stand against these systems, mostly because you may find better odds from other gamblers. It lets you try your hand at matched and arb betting, which bookies also don’t like.

Thankfully, there’s a betting exchange. This feature allows you to wager on the bookmaker’s sports markets and the exchange on the same website. We’re going to take a detailed look at how the system works and what the betting exchange rules are.

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Available Sports At Exchange

When you enter the betting exchange, the left side menu lists the available sports. It includes some of the most popular ones such as:

  • Boxing
  • Football
  • Ice Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Cricket
  • Futsal

The available sports depend on which are popular during that time on the exchange. The central portion of the page lists all the top events with bets provided by other gamblers.

Which Events And Competitions Are Available?

One of the top sports in the exchange is football. It provides the most markets, with several leagues and competitions on which you can wager. For example, you will find prices for the US Major League Soccer, the UEFA Champions League, the Russian Premier League and the Ukrainian Super Cup.

Of course, there are events for other sports too. Top competitions include the National Hockey League and the NBA. There are also the lesser-known contests, such as the Belarus Cup, the Space League and the Setka Cup. However, we don’t see any esports events listed on the bookie’s exchange as yet.

What Betting Options Are Available At The Exchange?

The markets allow you to practice your 1X2 betting tactics. If you want to place or list bets on two outcomes, then the betting exchange makes that possible. There are separate columns for 1X, 1-2 and 2X wagering. 

You can also try your hand at 1.01 betting. There are a surprising number of 1.01 odds listed for various events. While you won’t earn much in terms of win profits, you’ll at least have a better chance at success. Many gamblers use this method to slowly raise their bankrolls.

When you select a specific game, the available lists of markets appear. The prominent one is the outright winner, but you will also see others below. These include over/under, both teams to score, correct score and next goal.

How About The Odds?

The website mainly provides decimal odds across the board. There are some massive odds for outsiders, with a few coming in over 900. If you’re placing a back bet or lay bet on the exchange for the underdogs, then you may be taking a higher risk than is necessary for a better chance at huge earnings. 

You’ll see numerous markets with blank slots. It means that no one has provided odds yet, giving you the chance to be the first one to list some. You can take advantage of these if you’ve done some research on the bookie’s odds for the event and think you can add more valuable numbers. 

What Commission Does Get From Its Betting Exchange?

Since gamblers place bets for markets on the exchange, the bookie doesn’t participate in any of the wagers. You can list and accept bets for free, with no extra charge by the bookie. 

However, it will take a 1% commission for any winning bets. If you lose, then it won’t deduct any funds from your stake or bankroll. The rate is low compared to other sportsbooks that have betting exchanges, where you may find fees as high as 6%.

How To Place A Bet On The Exchange?

You start by finding the sport and game you want to wager on in the left menu. After you click on the event, all the markets will open in the central section of the page. You can place a back bet in the blue columns, and a lay bet in the green columns, or you can accept one of the other gamblers’ bets.

The bet slip will appear on the right once you select a market on which you want to bet. You can also list your own amount for other members to accept. Your offer will become active the moment gamblers start betting for or against your wager.

What Is The Difference Between Exchange And Sportsbook?

One of the first differences that you’ll notice is that the odds are higher in the betting exchange than in the sportsbook. The main reason for this contrast is that the bookie uses a specific method to predict results, including its profit margin. Gamblers on the exchange add better value with higher odds, but there is the risk of a higher loss if your bet loses.

You also won’t find the same variety in sports and markets as in the sportsbook. The exchange doesn’t list every single event that’s in the sportsbook, while competitions like virtual sports and esports are entirely absent. Other categories, such as politics and TV shows, don’t usually appear in the exchange either.


Can I wager on every sport and game at the exchange?

Not all of the sports listed in the sportsbook are available on the exchange. However, you can bet on any of the events listed. Simply select the game, click on the match, choose the market you want to bet on and complete the bet slip.

Can I use cash out while betting on the exchange?

The bookie allows you to cash out only during certain events in the sportsbook. However, since the bookmaker doesn’t participate in the betting exchange, this option isn’t available. The only service the bookie provides is a means for gamblers to offer bets for and against each other.

Is it possible to make the same bet on the betting exchange and the sports section of the bookie?

Yes, you can. You can place a lay bet in the sportsbook and a back bet in the exchange against another gambler’s one. Lodging the former with the bookie and the latter in the exchange is known as arb betting. 

Matched betting uses the same principles, but one of the wagers is a free bet or bonus.

Can I use my mobile device to bet on the bookie exchange?

The bookie Mobi is the mobile platform that provides the same features as the website. You can get to the same betting exchange on your smartphone if you have the mobile app. If you access the sports section, then you’ll find it within the main menu.

Is live betting allowed in the bookie’s betting exchange?

Yes, it is. All pre-match markets are available until the game begins. The bookmaker will close these and then open the live bettings. You’ll need to have this page open on the exchange, where you’ll see the in-play markets on which you can wager.

How do I find the available markets for an event?

First, you need to open the exchange and choose the sport in relation to the event. For example, the UEFA Champions League will be under ‘Football.’ Find the match you want to bet on and click on it.

The outright winner markets will appear at the top. You can find all the other ones listed underneath it. 

What are the blue and green columns in the exchange?

Besides the standard bets, there are blue and green columns in the exchange. If you’re listing odds for a market, then you’re placing a lay bet. In essence, you’re acting as the bookmaker, providing odds on which others can wager. These go in the blue column.

If someone else has already placed a lay bet, then you can list an opposing one. This wager is known as a back bet. The green column reserves slots for all of these type made by gamblers on the exchange.

Why is there such a big difference in odds between the sportsbook and exchange?

Gamblers sometimes feel that there is better value available for a market than the bookie provides. For instance, they may think that the underdogs have a larger chance of winning a game than the bookmaker predicts. So you may find outsider odds of 800 on the exchange, while the sportsbook is as low as 400. 

Although this difference has the potential of massive earnings, remember that there is also a significant risk of losing your stake. You need to conduct research to make sure that the bet is worth your while. The same applies for wagering on the favourite team to win where you find higher odds in the exchange.


Betting exchanges allow gamblers to place bets for and against each other where the market values are better than sportsbooks. The rewards are higher, but so are the risks. If you know what you’re doing, then an exchange is an excellent way to earn some decent profits.

You seldom find bookies providing a sportsbook and a betting exchange, mostly because they lose out on profit margins when you bet. However, the bookie goes against the trend and has a decent exchange with many sports events and markets. The best part is that it only takes a commission from you when you win, with one of the lowest fees we’ve seen.

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