Carina by Rackspace is in public beta. See the Terms of Service. Bugs & feature enhancements can be filed on GitHub. ×
Carina™ by Rackspace

An easy-to-use, instant-on, native container environment

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Carina by Rackspace provides a “zero infrastructure” hosted container environment, where users no longer worry about building, managing, and updating their container environment.


Built for speed - no hypervisor overhead or additional complexity. You get "bare-metal" performance where applications deploy and run up to 60% faster.

Container-Native Tools

Instant access to the Docker™ toolchain which offers portability across providers, form-factors and container orchestration environments.

Easy to Use

Accelerated ramp up through quick installation, intuitive UI & CLI access, world-class documentation and direct developer community support.

At Your Fingertips

Carina streamlines the entire experience to allow you to get started with containers quickly. Go even faster with carina, the command line tool.

Get Started with Carina


Everything you need to get started

Carina makes container clusters more accessible to everyone, from novices to professional developers.


Overview of Carina

Definition and introduction to Carina including key concepts and next steps for implementation.

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Getting started on Carina

Learn how to get your first containerized application up and running on Carina in a minimal amount of time

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Getting started with the Carina CLI

Learn how to get started with the Carina command-line client (CLI) by installing, configuring, and performing commands

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Carina Blog

Join us on Github

We’ve published several resources related to Carina™ and Docker™ in our public GitHub organization, getcarina. We hope you’ll find these tools useful as you develop applications on Carina. And in the spirit of open source, feel free to submit issues or pull requests to make the Carina Beta experience even better!

Visit the getcarina GitHub organization.

Tools & Resources

Carina CLI

The command line client for Carina makes using Carina from the command line or integrating Carina actions with other shell scripts fast and easy. Download the Carina CLI.


If you’re developing in Go, libcarina provides Go bindings for the Beta release of Carina.

#carina on IRC

Get help and discussion in the Carina community on our Freenode IRC channel, #carina.