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eSports are digital competitions that are continually evolving. We can now bet on these games online like any other regular sports. eSports live is a platform where players can bet and make money on these types of matches.

The bookie, in general, has an overwhelming interface cluttered with links and tabs due to an extensive selection of games. For beginners, it may take a while to find your way around. The site also consumes a massive amount of memory so that it can slow down your browser.

The eSports section is a bit difficult to navigate, even for seasoned punters. Since every sport has a different setup and odds range, it’s better to have substantial knowledge about the game you’re betting on. Otherwise, you’re likely to get lost in a sea of mysterious numbers.

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Available Sports

On the left side of the page, you’ll see a column of playable sports. That brand offers a wide range of sports, including soccer, football, cricket, and even fishing and golf. Featured matches are on the top. These are usually Premier League games. 

eSports Markets

This bookmaker has a sizable selection of eSports titles, including mainstream monsters like LoL (league of legends), CoD (Call of Duty), and Dota. Some of these games also come with live score betting and broadcast. The odds for League of Legends can be brutal for some, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Odds Range

eSports use the same odds system as regular sports. That bookmaker offers mostly decimal odds, as they’re easier to calculate. The average odds for single matches are decent. League of Legends ranges from 1.4 to 2.3, depending on the teams playing. 

Most LoL teams you see on the bookie are professionals with sponsorship. It won’t be a surprise if your favourite players aren’t on the roster.

How to Place an eSports Bet?

Placing a bet on an eSports game is similar to betting on regular sports. First, pick the game you wish to wager from the left column.

Let’s say you want to put some money on Dota. There are many leagues of Dota, including Omega, Starluck Cup, and ESL. Each division has a set of matches you can bet on. 

Click on an upcoming game to place your bet. You’ll see the odds for each team next to their names. Select the ones you want, and it will go to your bet slip. 

On the bet slip, enter the amount you wish to wager. The brand calculates potential winnings based on the odds and displays it on the form.

Live Betting on eSports

Live betting for eSports is available on the website. It works like the regular sports section where you can see the live stream and place wagers as it goes on. The odds and stats are displayed next to the broadcast window and will fluctuate as the match progresses. 

A strong internet connection is a must for this type of betting. On weak browsers like Firefox, you may expect a lot of buffering. The general quality of these streams isn’t decent, though it does take a toll on your RAM.

eSports Tricks for Bettors

eSports predictions have gotten more accurate since it became a market for online punters. While the basic odds calculations still apply, virtual games, in general, are more challenging to gauge than, say, soccer. 

Line and matched betting strategies work well with regular sports betting due to their inherently static odds. In eSports, every match requires a different set of techniques. You can look at a team’s win/loss for some clues and compare with the offered odds. That’s not all; you also need to consider which heroes/weapons key members are being used in each game.

League of Legends has a wide range of championships where the teams have faced each other more than once. If the one you’re betting on has a positive record against their opponent using the same hero lineups, expect an entirely different game. 

Both teams would be going in with a counter setup. In this case, you would want to favour the underdog as they are almost always going to have much higher odds. Check out eSports betting guides for more in-depth strategies.

Bonuses for eSports

The bookmaker offers a variety of bonuses for sports betting. They also apply to eSports games, so players gain the same benefits when betting on LoL instead of football. 

eSports punters are entitled to some exclusive bonuses. One of them is the cashback offer, which can return up to 20% of your losses, and 10% for League of Legends games. 

There’s also the unique cybercalendar which promises a different promotion offering a bonus every day.

Sponsorships for eSports

The bookmaker is gaining presence in the world of eSports. The giant bookie is providing sponsorships to professional teams, including the likes of Natus Vincere of Counter Strike and Hellraisers of Dota.

The Cascade Team is also coming along. You can see engaging interaction among fans and players on the Twitter page. The sponsorship comes with many benefits for followers, such as cool prizes like jerseys and other items.

Questions and Answers

Is betting on eSports safe?

Betting on eSports carries the same risks as any other type of gambling. There’s always a chance that the unexpected would happen. When wagering your money on an eSports match, make sure to do sufficient research and calculate odds.

Are the bookie’s eSports Odds any good?

The bookmaker offers a decent range of odds on most eSports matches. You’ll find high overall odds on popular games like Dota and Counterstrike. LoL could use some love in this aspect, however.

Can I use my Welcome Bonus for eSports?

Yes. All regular sports bonuses apply to eSports as well.

What is the easiest eSports to bet on?

If you’re a beginner, and unless you’re also a professional player, stay clear of betting on LoL. It’s one of the most difficult to predict. Fortunately, the brand has fast-paced arcade games like Mortal Kombat to gamble on. Since there are only two players involved, predictions tend to be more consistent with the results.

Can I place multiple bets on one game?

Yes. You can bet on either or both teams with varying amounts.

Why are some of the betting options “blocked?”

Certain features on a game are available to specific regions and countries. To unlock those bets, select the corresponding one and register with a bank account in that country.

Is it better to bet on the favourite?

In regular sports, yes. eSports works a little differently. There are too many factors that go into each match. It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen. It’s better to consider a team’s past performance using one specific setup/lineup.

Pros & Cons of eSports Section

  • Pros
  • Has a diverse selection of games
  • Covers many popular championships
  • Features prominent teams
  • Provides instant bets
  • Sports betting bonuses apply to eSports games
  • Cons
  • Interface difficult to navigate
  • Could use better odds on League of Legends

eSports section is great if you’re a veteran bettor who knows what you’re doing. They should put in some UI changes to accommodate new players a little more.

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