What Is Live Stream on Sports?

One of the most appealing factors of this operator is the live streaming feature. It’s one of the leading reasons punters join the bookie. It hosts over 25,000 betting events, and 16,000 of them can be live-streamed. 

Whether you use the feature to keep updated with a live football match or to get involved with live-betting, the live streaming app will be handy. It also doesn’t matter how you watch; you can use the live mobile or desktop version and the quality will be the same.

Furthermore, it has a nifty multi-screen option so that you can keep an eye on four different events simultaneously. You can use the bookie to live stream basketball, tennis and ice hockey all at once, so you don’t miss a thing.

Join us as we find out more about this market-leading service, and what else it offers. Can you use to stream movies? How do you get the live stream link and the live stream APK?

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How to Watch Live Sports at the platform?

So, if you want to catch the live streaming of tennis or any other sports, what do you need to do? Fortunately, using the live stream is free for all punters. However, you need to be a registered account holder and have a positive balance. 

Creating an account is relatively easy. Visit the site, click the Register button, follow the steps and you’re good to go. Next, visit the cashier to load funds to your profile. To qualify for the streaming service, you can deposit the minimum amount.

Finally, click on the live page or browse through the available sports and select the one you’d like to watch live. You should be all set for live streaming a match and direct in-play bets.

If you struggle for any reason, click ‘How to Bypass the Website Blocks’ on the top left of the screen. It’ll guide you through various methods of accessing the mirror site, the live stream download and app.

Which Sports Are Available With Live Videos?

Having the streaming videos available is one thing, but what matches and leagues can a user watch is the real question. Fortunately, you’ll find videos on all major and popular sports.

From live stream of football to ice hockey, tennis and basketball, it’s all available (provided a match is on). If you’re not a fan of the sports already listed, don’t worry. There are over 16,000 events streamed, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. 

The brand is a proud sponsor of the African Cup of Nations, Italian Serie A and the Spanish La Liga, so you’re sure to find all those events on the stream. Football is one of the most sought-after among players, so the company also has the live football videos for the English Premier League. 

It also sponsors various esports teams, so you won’t miss any of the electronic action either. 

Ensure you have the correct time and date and funds in your account, and you’re all set to enjoy every event you’re anticipating.

How to Find Out Which Event Has Live Stream?

So, you’ve created an account, you’ve added funds, and you’ve maybe even placed a bet or two? You’re excited and ready to catch a streaming of the event. How do you know which games will be on the live streaming platform?

It’s quite easy to identify which games are available for live streaming. When you’re browsing the upcoming matches, you’ll notice a few icons on each event. Keep an eye for a blue TV shape one that has LIVE written in it. It indicates that it’ll be among the broadcast videos that you can stream.

The easiest way to find the current videos is to click on the Live tab on the top of the screen. It’ll list every tournament or league that has matches coming up, which teams or players are playing and all the necessary odds and stats. Most of these will be live games.

Live Stream Schedule

At any given time, there are countless sporting events coinciding. You can use the multi-live function at any time to keep track of any four matches at the same time. The question that you may ask is, how do you see the steam schedule?

It’s easy to find. There are several options on the top of the screen: Sports, Promo, 1xGames, and Live. Click on the Live tab and the screen will display all the upcoming live events.

You can use the drop-down menu to filter by the national team, cockfight, esports, numbers, previews or the multi-live feature. You can also sort the event by sports category if you scroll across the bar. All the options available will be there (cricket, football, badminton, volleyball, and many more).

Alternatively, use the search bar to find a specific sport or match.

Can I Watch Live Events Through Mobile App?

When you’re on the go, you may be under the impression that you’ll miss out on the broadcasts. Fortunately, that’s not the case with the brand. When you download the app, you have full access to the bookie as you would on the desktop site.

You don’t even need a live streaming app specifically. You can access the feature straight from the mobile website or the app. iOS users can find it in the App Store and Android users can use the Play Store.

If you encounter a problem, usually with Android, visit the website to download the live stream APK. The link is under the ‘How to Bypass the Website Blocks’ info tab.


Is the bookie Live Stream Free?

Yes, you don’t need to pay to use the service. However, you do need to have a registered account. You also need to have funds available in your profile. When you log in and have a positive balance, you can live-stream any four broadcasted events. The service is free to all account holders.

Can I Watch More Than One Live Event at the Same Moment?

Yes, you can. The live streaming platform uses a multi-live function. This enables you to watch up to four matches simultaneously. You can find the multi-live feature under the ‘Live’ drop-down menu and at the bottom of the desktop screen. As above, it’s completely free as long as you have a positive balance.

What Should I Do If the Live Stream Doesn’t Work?

If you encounter any errors, go to the desktop site and find the How to Bypass the Website Blocks button on the screen’s top-left corner. Its icon is an open lock. If you hover over it, there are instructions to send an SMS. Afterwards, you’ll receive a mirror site that will work. If you click on the button, you’ll find an informative guide on accessing the site.

What If an Event Isn’t Live Streamed?

Don’t be too worried out about missing out on a live stream broadcast. The brand has updated match results that give you a written play-by-play. It lets you place in-play bets without watching it and lets you know what’s going on in the game.

What is the bookie Access?

If you struggle to access live streaming or the website, the Access app gives you mirror links and alternative ways to access the bookie. Some countries block the site, but the Access app allows all players to get their wagers in.

Are Only Sports Available on Live Broadcasts?

No. You can view many different matches on the broadcastings. Apart from popular sports such as tennis, football, and ice hockey, there are markets for politics, entertainment, and poker. You may even find broadcastings of these events.

Are Movies and TV Shows Available For Streaming?

The vast majority of live videos are from sports occasions. However, the bookie has the discretion to broadcast award shows and some TV shows. It changes according to time of the year and whether they’re legally allowed to.

Final Verdict

The live streaming feature of the bookie is undoubtedly impressive. It gives punters a chance to enjoy the thrill of in-play betting or merely enjoy the game. The multi-screen option further improves the function.

The variety of events that are available for broadcasting is also a massive positive in the books. With a quick scroll through the site, it’s clear to see that it doesn’t short change any gamblers on the number of videos. The quality of streams is HD; there’s not much more you could ask for from a bookmaker. 

Finally, the feature is free to all registered account holders. You don’t even need to place a bet to get access. You just need to have a positive account balance.

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