What is the Bet Constructor Option at 1xBet?

The 1xBet bet constructor is a game that allows you to construct a virtual team that will compete against other virtual teams. The game is essentially a form of daily fantasy sports that operates on the number of real-life goals that players in your virtual team score. 

In reality, it’s a deviant of standard sports wagering. You’re still betting on many well-known players, but the virtual match relies on statistics and mathematics rather than an actual game. The virtual game always involves real sporting, but three different sports contribute to the final result. 

Which Sports are Included?

When you’re assembling your teams, you can choose players from one of three sports. The available options are football, tennis and ice hockey. 

How to Use 1xBet Bet Constructor

The 1xBet bet constructor rules are quite explicit and don’t leave any room for doubt. You get to choose between one and five players to participate in your virtual teams. You can’t draft opposing players from real-life matches to the same virtual team.

Similarly, you can’t draft the same player on two different virtual teams, or pick them more than once. You may pick players from doubles matches for your virtual team, and your team may combine players from all three sports types. 

Using the constructor is a relatively simple process. Click on the team or player that you would like to assign to a team, and select the group that you’d like to attach them to. 

Once you have assigned players to two full virtual teams, you can choose the type of wager that you want to make. Once you’ve selected your wager type, select your bet amount and place your wager.

When the last relevant match takes place, you’ll get the results of the wager. If you correctly predicted the results, then you win. If not, better luck next time.


Is Bet Constructor a Fantasy League?

You can consider the 1xBet bet constructor a type of fantasy sport. However, it isn’t technically a fantasy league. It’s merely a stand-alone fantasy sports event.

Can I make a Profit from Bet Constructor?

If you know the players in your team well, and they live up to their usual standard, it’s possible to make a profit from the 1xBet bet constructor. The trick is to choose winning players to be in your virtual team.

Is 1xBet Constructor the same as Bet Builder?

The constructor and the 1xBet bet builder are exceptionally different things. The builder is essentially a type of accumulator bet which allows you to combine multiple types of betting. For example, when you bet on Liverpool vs Manchester United, you can play the straight wager, combine it with an over-under, and even bet that Takumi Minamino will score a goal.
On the other hand, the bet constructor allows you to wager on fantasy teams that you’ve made yourself. Additionally, you can only make straight wagers.

Which kinds of bets can I make on the 1xBet bet constructor?

This game only allows for straight wagers. One fantasy team against another to win or lose.

Do all the teams have to have the same amount of players?

A team can have anything from 1 to 5 players, and team sizes are allowed to vary. 

From how many sports can I choose players for my team?

You can choose players from any of the three sports, or all three.

How does 1xBet determine the final results of the bet constructor?

Add the real-life goals of every person in your team together. The team with the highest goal total will be considered the winner of the match. 

Tips for Success

If you’re interested in sports betting, then you know that there are some worthwhile promotions that you can use while you are getting the hang of the bet constructor.

It would also be worth your while to study the statistics involved with each player that you use in your virtual teams. Furthermore, analysing the results of previous matches involving the teams in question can give you some clues as to which wagers might return dividends.

Since you are constructing the virtual teams for yourself, make sure that you choose good players. Additionally, if you assign all the best players to one group and the inferior players to another team, you have a better chance of a specific team winning.

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