Why Do I Need 1xbet Alternative Link?

1xbet is licensed by the Curacao gambling commission, which allows them to operate in many regions. However, it doesn’t have a license in every country. While you wait for the site to become available, you can access the casino through 1xbet mirror links. These are clones of the main site that offer full service for overseas players.

List of 1xbet Mirror Websites

For security, 1xbet mirror websites regularly change. The 1xbet mirror URL you used last week may no longer be valid today. For the latest links, you can visit our website. Depending on your region, to access 1xbet mirror download a VPN or use a proxy. 

There are many other sites that provide updated 1xbet alternative links. Some of them are specific to regions such as Europe.

  • Xlink1
  • Corbetta
  • OneBahis
  • 1xbetchina
  • 1xbet9
  • Mirrorurls1
  • Johnnybet 

How to Find the Latest 1xbet Alternative Sites in Google?

You can look for 1xbet mirror platforms on Google or similar search engines. Type in “1xbet mirror links,” and you’ll see a list of sites on the front page. Not all of them will have the latest links, though. Your best bet is to select one of the sites listed above. Typing in “1xbet mirror today” also works.

Are There Any Differences Between the 1xbet Mirror Sites?

The purpose of 1xbet mirror links is for players to access the main site. Having different addresses and changing the links’ names help you to remain anonymous. You’ll gain access to the bookies and everything they offer through the mirrors available in your region.


Is it secure to play on the 1xbet alternative websites?

1xbet is a well trusted online casino with high ratings on many review websites. As long as the alternative link you’re using is a property of the company, you have nothing to worry about. Some of them may look super cryptic, but that’s the point. They’re made that way, so it’s hard to track.

Can I have more than one 1xbet mirror registrations?

Players can register multiple times using alternative links, but the casino has every account in their database. You can’t use the same name for more than one account, even if you create one via 1xbet registration. 

Do the mirror sites offer fewer betting options?

No. You’ll get all the features of the main site through the alternative links. They even offer the same payment methods.

Why does Google tell me 1xbet isn’t working?

When a website is restricted from a country or region, it’ll show up as missing or not working. You can use a proxy for that, but online casinos often have a geo-location lock, so registration won’t work. If this happens, go to one of the sites mentioned above and use the updated links.

Can I bet on sports via 1xbet alternative links?

Yes. The links for sports betting are different from regular casino games. They’re included in the link-providing websites above, often in a separate section. 

What payment options are available on 1xbet alternative sites?

Any alternative link will take you to the main casino page, which has all the payment methods ordinarily available. However, if online gambling is restricted where you live, e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller won’t work. Bank wire transfer isn’t an option, either. If this is the case, your only route is through cryptocurrency. 

What bonuses can I get on the mirror sites?

As a player, you’ll benefit from the bonuses that you’re usually eligible for. Remember, these are alternative paths to the platform, not different ones.

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